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Youth Volleyball Technique Training - Women's Volleyball is waiting for you to challenge!

In Beijing in July, the sun is shining, it is a good time for the students to release their youth and sweat.

In the 2019 youth volleyball summer camp, 30 elementary school students will be in close contact with the volleyball champion here, receive professional volleyball technique training, and enjoy the joy of volleyball.

Youth Volleyball Technique Training - Women's Volleyball is waiting for you to challenge!

In this issue, you will learn about the summer camp to enrich the summer life of the students and appreciate the fascination of volleyball.

On June 19th, the volleyball clubs brought volleyball to the campus and promoted the recruitment of volleyball summer camps while promoting volleyball.

Happy and constant, the volleyball summer camp highlights a lot!

In late July, 30 small campers will learn volleyball knowledge, practice volleyball skills at the Beijing Auto Glory Stadium, visit the volleyball national team training venue, go to the Chaoyang Park Ocean Beach Festival to experience the charm of beach volleyball, enjoy in colorful activities. Happy volleyball time.

At the summer camp, there will be volleyball stars in person to guide, the small campers can not only experience professional training, but also face-to-face communication with idols.

Youth Volleyball Technique Training - Women's Volleyball is waiting for you to challenge!

The small campers will experience the national team through the “Champion Road”. The mysterious retired players will come to the national team training base to tell the moving stories of the TAs, lead the children to understand the history of volleyball, and feel the glory days of Chinese volleyball.

The summer camp also set up a number of fun projects to help Beijing youth volleyball development, such as the beach volleyball confrontation at the “Beijing Ocean Beach Carnival”.

Most importantly, the small campers will challenge themselves and cultivate perseverance in the summer camp. The “team clearance” game session will train the team spirit and the enterprising spirit of each ball.

From basic technical exercises to team offensive and defensive training, small campers can learn volleyball knowledge in the summer camp and enjoy the fun of volleyball. Parents can also experience a dynamic and fun parent-child time at Ocean Beach Festival.

The volleyball summer camp will enrich the summer life of primary school students and promote the enthusiasm of young people to participate in volleyball activities. Actively promote youth volleyball, deepen the soil for the development of volleyball, and inherit the volleyball spirit, here to see the future.

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