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Volleyball technology sports - height and bounce are the foundation!

The height factor is manifested in two aspects:

First, the height is long. From the 1980 Olympic Games volleyball match, the world’s strong teams, the average height of the women’s volleyball team is about 1.77 meters, generally have 4 to 5 players above 1.80 meters; the average height of the men’s volleyball is above 1.92 meters. The tall players of 1.94 meters or more, each team has 7 to 9 players, and some of the shorter teams are also trying to train high players.

The second is the bounce height. Each team attaches great importance to the training and improvement of special jumping power. As the world’s best volleyball players, the height of the women’s volleyball team is generally above 3.05 meters, the highest is 3.30 meters, the height of the men’s volleyball is generally above 3.50 meters, and the highest is 3.76 meters.

The increase in the height of the players and the increased offensive ability have intensified the confrontation of online arrests. The victory or defeat of modern volleyball games depends to a large extent on the ability of online competition based on comprehensive technology. Smash and block are the most important means of scoring in the game. Without a strong offensive and rigorous block and defense, the defense in the back can’t stand the attack and won’t win.

Offensive tactics, fast and changeable;
At present, the world volleyball offensive tactics are developing rapidly, and are developing towards high acceleration, strong attack, speed, strength, skill, frontier and depth. The main performances are as follows:

1 In the active running, cross-covering and sudden changes in the realization of combat volleyball cooperation, in order to cause the other side of the defensive judgment of the error, resulting in more favorable situation. In this regard, some Asian teams are more skilled.

2 Breaking the pattern of division of labor between the main attack and the offensive attack, the main attack and the offensive attack each other to make breakthroughs to strengthen the ability of comprehensive offensive, enrich the content of the tactics, and adapt to various complicated situations.

3 In the counterattack, the opportunity to use the fast and changeable tactics to carry out a surprise attack when the opponent’s defense is undecided and the foothold is not stable.

4 Organize high-point or far-net attacks at the forefront of the network to avoid the strict blocking of the other party.

5 combined with the front row of offensive cover, launching attacks from the deeper areas in the back row, forming a variety of supporting three-dimensional tactics to break through the strict blocking of the other side.

6 Emphasis on the use of individual tactics in the coordination of collective tactics, such as the use of two-line differentiation (straight or oblique smash), flat back zone, hand turn to wrist, beater out of bounds and high point lob to improve the ability to break through.

Volleyball technology sports - height and bounce are the foundation!

Defensive tactics, flexible and diverse;

Volleyball Vectors While strengthening the offensive, the world’s strong teams pay great attention to defensive training and improvement. With the development of the offensive, pay attention to the use of more flexible and versatile forms in the defensive tactics, breaking the pattern of the “side-following” defense in the past. The principle is: according to the actual situation of the team and the offensive characteristics of the opponent, reasonably organize the defensive power, and deploy the defense from the counter-attack that is beneficial to the organization.

The Japanese women’s volleyball team uses “follow-up” or “heart follow-up” defense according to different rounds. The Soviet men’s volleyball team used the two defensive forms together, that is, the 6th player decided to advance and retreat according to the judgment, and the 1st or 5th player was based on the 6th position player’s advance and retreat camera. The Chinese team is based on the specific circumstances of the ball, using a zoom in “horseshoe” or narrowing the “horseshoe” defense, and the camera does not stop retreating or withdrawing.

The strength of the strong team competition, online confrontation is very intense, sometimes playing 3 hours in a game, sometimes for a service or 1 point, often have to fight more than 10 rounds. The fierce competition has made most of the technologies able to score and lose points. In this sense, they have both offense and defense.

Therefore, in the competition, the collective coordination of the team, the requirements for each team to fully grasp the offensive and defensive techniques and the development of individual unique skills and the cultivation of tenacious style are increasingly higher.

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