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What is volleyball? Six-person indoor volleyball rules and competition methods

Volleyball is one of the ball sports. The stadium is rectangular, with high nets in between. The two sides of the game (six people per party) each occupy one side of the course. The players use the ball to hit the ball from the Internet. The ball used in volleyball is made of sheepskin or artificial leather. The rubber is bold and the size is similar to football.

What is volleyball? Six-person indoor volleyball rules and competition methods

Volleyball originated in the United States, and was invented in 1895 by a sports staff named William G. Morgan in Massachusetts, Massachusetts (formerly known as Massachusetts). In the early days, volleyball was called Mintonette. In 1896, according to the characteristics of the game, Professor Holstad proposed to change to Volleyball, the modern international name Volleyball. At that time, the official ball circumference was 25 to 27 inches (about 63.5 to 68.8 cm) and the weight was 9 to 12 ounces (about 255 to 346 grams). The materials and production techniques of the ball used in modern international competition have changed a lot, but the specifications of the ball are similar to the previous ones.

At that time, tennis and basketball were very popular. Mr. Morgan believes that basketball is too intense, and the amount of tennis is too small. He wants to find an indoor entertainment project with moderate amount of exercise and fun, suitable for both men and women, and wants to move the tennis that has been widely popular at that time. Go indoors and play with your hand on the basketball court. At the beginning of this game, he hangs the tennis net on the basketball court and uses the basketball net to play like a tennis ball. However, the indoor basketball court is small in size and the volleyball is easy to go out of bounds, so he made some improvements:

First, the rule that the tennis ball is allowed to land and then hit back is changed to not allow landing;

Second, the volleyball is changed in shape, its circumference is changed to 25-27 inches, and the weight is 225-340 grams.

Three,basketballs are too big and too heavy to play in the expected way, so they will try to use basketball. The basketball biliary is too light and erratic in the air. It is inconvenient to play and difficult to control. However, because of the good trial results, I decided to use this ball. Although the international standard ball has undergone thousands of improvements over the past 100 years, the size of the ball is almost the same as that of the first generation….

At that time, it stipulated the use of “rotation system” and “15 points per game”. In 1918, the number of people who played was six. Since then, six people have become popular in Europe and the United States.

The Springfield Academy is the birthplace of volleyball. The youth club of the school is the first organization to spread volleyball and the first volleyball exhibition. The officers of the YMCA, the missionaries, the students who graduated from Springfield College, and the American army who participated in the First World War became the early communicators of volleyball. Volleyball was first introduced to Canada in 1900. In the same year, India was introduced to Asia.

In 1914-1918, during the First World War, indoor volleyball was brought to Europe through the US military. As for when and where indoor volleyball is introduced to China by anyone, it has not been verified. However, the existing historical data prove that as early as 1905, volleyball activities were carried out in Guangzhou, Hong Kong and other places in China. In the early days of the introduction of volleyball into China, in addition to the development and dissemination of some churches and schools, the YMCA also played a considerable role in promoting and disseminating this project.

Indoor volleyball was introduced to Asia in 1900, and the number of people who played in the initial stage was not six but 16 people. According to the American volleyball volleyball introducer, Mr. F. S. Brown said: “At that time, there was a gymnasium in the United States, which was more suitable for 6-a-side volleyball. There are many Asians and many outdoor activities. It is necessary to consider that most people can participate in volleyball.” Mr. F. S. Blanc and Mr. F. H. Lang introduced 16-a-side volleyball to the Philippines and Japan.

Therefore, the 16th system was adopted at the first Far East Games in 1913. In 1919, the 4th Far East Games evolved into a 12-person system. In 1927, the 8th Far East Games evolved into a 9-person system. In July 1950, the National Sports Workers held at the All-China Sports Federation.

At the summer study meeting, the 6-person volleyball rules and competition method were introduced for the first time. In 1951, the 6-person system was officially adopted. Since then, the six-a-side volleyball has been gradually carried out throughout the country.