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A Summary of the Main Points of Indoor Women's Volleyball

Today, the author gives you a summary of the Main Points of Indoor Women’s Volleyball, knowing that volleyball starts here!

The basic skills of indoor women’s volleyball are divided into six major items: preparation posture and movement, passing, padding, serving, smashing, blocking.

The moving footwork commonly used in competitions is slip, cross step, jump, step and run.

A Summary of the Main Points of Indoor Women's Volleyball

1 Women’s Volleyball – Passing

Passing is a hitting technique that is performed on the chest and above with both hands (or one hand) by means of squatting and stretching arms, and by the impact force of the wrist fingers. The main function of the pass is to pass the picked up ball to the rest of the team for offense or direct attack.

Whether a team’s offensive ability can be fully utilized depends to a large extent on the team’s passing level. In order to compete for online advantages and make the offensive tactics change rapidly, the second setter plays a central role.

2 volleyball technology – pad ball

It is a technical action of hitting the ball with the rebound force of the ball with the help of the ground and the arm movement. In the game, the pad is used to receive the ball, buckle the ball and catch the ball. It is an important technology in the game to win more points and less points from passive to active.

3 Indoor Volleyball – Serve

The technical action of the player throwing the ball himself and using one hand to hit the ball from the two empty sign poles into the opponent’s field. Serving is the beginning of the game and offense. It is the only technical action in volleyball technology that is not restricted by others. An aggressive attack can not only score directly, but also weaken or even destroy the opponent’s offense, disrupt the deployment of the other party, and cause psychological deterrence to the other party.

4 Volleyball Technique – Smash

Jumping up in the air with one arm for a curved wave, using the hand to move the ball over the field area from the ball net in the two sign posts into the opponent’s field. The smash is the most active and effective weapon in the game, so it is the main means of scoring and gaining power.

5 Volleyball Technique – Wiping Ball

The second pass or the offensive hand uses the one-handed hand to quickly smear the ball from the Internet to make it quickly and unexpectedly enter the opponent’s course. It is a remedy to compensate for the probe error caused by the high pass of the ball. Law, but sometimes it is also deliberate to use this style of play to form two ball shots.

6 indoor volleyball – block

The player in front of the net with the waist above any part of the body is mainly the arm, the palm, on the ball net along the technical action of blocking the opponent hitting the net. Blocking is the first line of defense and an important part of counterattack. Blocking the net can force the opponent to smash and arrest, reduce the pressure of the back defensive, and create conditions for the counterattack of the party. Blocking the net is mainly to give the opponent the slam dunk to force the mistakes. Blocking the volleyball in the sea can slow down the speed of the ball, and even can directly block the opponent’s smash and stop the death. It is one of the important means of scoring and gaining power in the game. .

7 A summary of the Main Points of Indoor Women’s Volleyball – Volleyball Tactics

Can be divided into two categories of individual tactics and collective tactics. Personal tactics are the process of personally applying technology according to the situation on the field. It is divided into six individual tactics: serve, pass, pass, smash, block, and back defensive.

A Summary of the Main Points of Indoor Women's Volleyball

8 Collective tactics refer to organized and purposeful collective coordination between two or more players. Collective tactics include offensive tactics and defensive tactics.

9 Offensive tactics refer to the purposeful and organized offensive actions taken by the whole team after picking up the ball from the opponent, sending, deducting, blocking, passing and padding. Offensive forms include strong attack, fast break, two goals and their transfer. A strong attack means forcibly breaking through the attack of the other side without the cover of the companion.

10 Fast Attack refers to all kinds of flat and fast balls that are transmitted from the second pass, and various tactical cooperation composed of these flat and fast balls as cover. The two balls and their transfer means that when the ball is higher and the ball is in front of the net, the front line can jump directly to the ball.

If the opponent’s block is tight, the ball can be transferred to other players’ offensive play in the air. The defensive tactics include four formations: the receiving position of the serve, the defensive formation of the slam dunk, the formation of the returning ball and the passing and the defensive formation.

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