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Volleyball equipment - the characteristics of volleyball and its benefits!

(1) Formal diversity and extensive mass

The equipment for volleyball is relatively simple and can be set indoors or outdoors. Volleyball activities can be carried out on the floor, on the sand, on the grass, on the snow, and even in the water. The form is diverse and the rules of the game are easy to grasp and can be modified. The number of participants can be more or less, and the exercise load can be small and small. It is suitable for people of different ages, genders, physiques and training levels to perform activities under different environmental conditions. Therefore, there is a wide range of masses.

Volleyball equipment - the characteristics of volleyball and its benefits!

(B), the comprehensiveness of technology and high skill

In volleyball matches, players in any position must participate in defense and offense; and in most forms of competition, the rules also require players to rotate positions. Therefore, each team member must fully grasp the various attack and defense technologies. Because the volleyball game has the characteristics that the ball can’t land, and the ball must be hit and cannot be held, the same player can’t hit the ball twice, and the number of hits per team is regulated, the tactical skill of volleyball is determined.

(3) Intense confrontation and strict collectiveness

The offensive and defensive transition between the two sides in the volleyball match has always been carried out in a fierce confrontation, and the focus of the confrontation is mainly on the online buckle and the block. A ball-to-ball battle often goes through seven or eight rounds. The higher the level of the game, the more intense the competition. Both sides of the volleyball game are using the three chances of the ball allowed by the rules. Through careful design and ingenious cooperation, the intense attack and defense conversion and the perfect tactical combination are realized in an instant, which reflects the strict collectiveness.

(four), easy entertainment and elegant leisure

Volleyball sports are not in a form of form, and they can fight in the net and play in the circle. As long as there is a space, or a beach or grass, you can enjoy the fun of shooting. The volleyball game is carried out across the net. The two sides fight, no physical contact, safe and elegant, is an ideal way for people to be happy and casual.

(5) The generality of the activity and the good ornamental

The volleyball rules stipulate that the ball can strike any part of the body and make the technical movement more and more diversified. It can be used either by hand or by foot, head and other techniques, plus front flapping, falling, rolling, diving, etc. The defensive action, which expands the defensive range, increases the chances of pilling, makes the game look exciting, attracts the audience, and has good viewing.

In short, the current volleyball rules have given new life to the volleyball game. The game time is relatively shortened and fixed in a certain period of time. The means of gains and losses increase, the game is increasing, the gap between the strong and the weak is narrowing, the disparity between the winners and the loses increases, and the interest of the audience is thickened. The atmosphere was warm. In short, the implementation of the new rules enhances and enhances the appreciation of volleyball matches, which is conducive to the development of the sport and the formation of the market.

(6) The duality of attack and defense technology

In the volleyball game, each technology can score and lose points. Each technology has the duality of attack and defense. The volleyball’s various techniques are attacking and defending, preventing and attacking, mutual transformation, and mutual restraint. Therefore, the technique is required to be accurate and skilled, and it must be both aggressive and accurate.

Volleyball equipment - the characteristics of volleyball and its benefits!

The benefits of volleyball
(1) Participating in volleyball can improve people’s strength, speed, endurance, bounce, coordination, reaction and other physical qualities and athletic ability, improve the function of various organs and systems of the body, and cultivate wit, courage, calmness and calmness. Strong and decisive psychological quality.

(2) It is possible to cultivate a collectivist spirit of unity and cooperation, overcoming difficulties, and striving for victory. Through training and competition, the exchange between the sports teams, the unity between the athletes, and the improvement of the technical level are promoted.

(3) Popularize and improve sports, promote the extensive development of mass sports activities, enrich people’s cultural life, and improve their health.

(4) Through competitions, carry out international exchanges, promote friendship and solidarity among the people of the world, enhance national prestige, and invigorate the national spirit. At the volleyball clubs, you can get a lot of information about volleyball. teamessexvolleyball.com