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Rio Paralympic Games - Sitting Volleyball Equipment Arena

Here is the Volleyball clubs. On September 7th, the Rio Paralympic Games will be held. “Taizhou Manufacturing” will be unveiled in the sitting volleyball stadium – Jiangsu Qiangqiang Sporting Goods Co., Ltd. located in Taizhou Gaogang Daxie Industrial Park. Become a supplier of all sports volleyball equipment in this competition!

At the end of June, Qiangqiang Company received an order confirmation letter from Rio, Brazil. At the end of July, the company produced seated volleyball equipment for shipment to Brazil. At present, these volleyball equipments have been installed and commissioned to meet the upcoming Paralympic sitting volleyball competition. .

Rio Paralympic Games - Sitting Volleyball Equipment Arena

Let’s first take a look at this “Taizhou-made” sports volleyball equipment company~~

Qiangqiang Company is located in Datun Town Industrial Park, Gaogang District, Taizhou City. It is a member of China Sporting Goods Federation and a member of Jiangsu Sports Equipment Association. It is a comprehensive production enterprise specializing in the production of sports competition volleyball equipment and ball net series products.

Approved by the State General Administration of Sports, passed the ISO9001 and NSCC certification, FIVB certification of the International Federation of Volleyball, and the Volleyball series of disabled people have obtained the certification of the World Disabled Volleyball Federation.

The products are used in various important events such as the Asian Games, the Universiade, the Asian Beach Games, and the National Games of China and the Youth Games.

How did the company successfully enter the Rio Paralympic Games to provide all the equipment for the volleyball competition?

Olympic business opportunities have always been the focus of sports equipment companies in various countries. With the continuous improvement of the degree of opening up to the outside world, this has become an excellent opportunity for Taizhou enterprises to leverage the Olympics to launch their brands and demonstrate the strength of “Taizhou manufacturing”.

Volleyball equipment sports equipment is one of the fist products produced by the company. In 2010, it passed the FIVB certification of the FIVB. It is also the exclusive supplier of competition equipment designated by the China Volleyball Association. It has been successfully applied to top international competitions such as the Beijing Olympics and the London Olympics.

Seated volleyball equipment has its own special characteristics and must be suitable for disabled people. The company accelerated its independent research and development, and the sitting volleyball equipment has been successfully applied to the 2013 Beijing Asian Paralympic Games, the 2014 Incheon Asian Remnant Society, and the 2015 Singapore Southeast Asian Games. Because the product quality is excellent, the company’s disabled volleyball series products have successfully passed the certification of the World Paralympic Volleyball Federation. Since last year, we have increased product marketing efforts and started to develop sitting volleyball equipment suitable for the requirements of the Rio Paralympic Games.

▲ sitting volleyball certificate

The Rio Paralympic Games will have high requirements for sitting volleyball equipment. The products must not only have excellent quality, but also be aesthetically pleasing, light and easy to operate.

After several months of research, the company has been boldly innovating and designed a new generation of disabled volleyball equipment. The product is not only lighter in weight, but also has good stability and convenient operation.

In the past, there was a major flaw in the disabled volleyball equipment, that is, the height adjustment of the net was not smooth. Especially when the schedule changed, the men’s and women’s competitions were different because of the height of the net, and the height of the net needs to be adjusted. Problems such as replacement and adjustment time have brought a lot of trouble to the event organizers.

Rio Paralympic Games - Sitting Volleyball Equipment Arena

How does the powerful company do it?

They carried out technical research, updated the core components, and solved the problem of difficulty in adjusting the height of the network, and obtained patent protection. The ball net adjustment equipment has been tested again for multiple rounds of high-intensity testing to ensure product quality and ensure that the height of the net can be adjusted in the shortest time when the men and women compete in the game.

In March of this year, the World Seated Indoor Volleyball Intercontinental Competition was held in Anji, Zhejiang Province. This is the largest number of participating teams and the largest number of people in the world of sitting indoor volleyball. It is also the largest disabled volleyball event in China. During the competition, the company’s sitting volleyball equipment played an important role, and successfully passed the test of the World Paralympic Volleyball Federation, which laid a solid foundation for getting the “Admission Ticket” of the Rio Paralympic Games. The volleyball club will provide you with more information at any time!

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