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2019 FIVB Women's Volleyball

On the evening of June 3, the “Celebration Cup” – 2019 Lanzhou University National College Women Volleyball Invitational Tournament.

2019 FIVB Women’s Volleyball kicked off at the West Campus of Lanzhou University Chengguan Campus.

2019 FIVB Women's Volleyball

The seven teams from Taipei City University, Nanjing University, Sichuan University, Shandong Normal University, Nanchang University, Shandong Weifang and Lanzhou University will compete in a single round robin in a six-day period.

Fan Baojun, Vice President of Lanzhou University, Hu Jing, Deputy Director of Sports Health and Art Education Department of Gansu Provincial Education Department, relevant person in charge of the provincial university, all coaches, referees and athletes attended the opening ceremony.

2019 FIVB Women’s Volleyball , the opening ceremony was hosted by Qiao Deping, director of the Physical Education Department of Lanzhou University.

After standing up to sing the national anthem, Fan Baojun delivered an opening speech on behalf of Lanzhou University.

He said that at the time when Lanzhou University is about to celebrate its 110th anniversary, the National Women’s Volleyball Invitational Tournament is held to celebrate the grand event and to continue the university. It is of great significance to promote the dual-class construction of Lanzhou University.

During the competition, Lanzhou University will do its best to do all kinds of high-quality guarantee work with thoughtful management and careful service. We hope that all teams will go all out and actively prepare for the battle, with the strength of youth, the spirit of hard work, and the style of competition.

Hu Jing announced the opening of the National Women’s Volleyball Invitational Tournament of Lanzhou University in 2019.

After the nunchaku performance, martial arts performance and cheerleading dance, Fan Baojun kicked off the game.

The game of the night was hosted by the host University of Lanzhou against Nanjing University. In the end, Lanzhou University won the game in a three-game winning streak and ushered in the first game.

In the round-robin competition of the day, Shandong Weifang defeated Sichuan University at 3:2, and Taipei City University lost to Shandong Normal University at 0:3.

After the first battle, Feng Tao, a coach of the Lanzhou University women’s volleyball team, said that the Lanzhou University team occupied a lot of factors and other factors in the game. The overall performance of the team members was stable, and they maintained the training style of dare to fight and play. The level that should be.

Zhang Yimin, a coach of the Women’s Volleyball Team of Sichuan University, believes that from the thoughtful service of the reception to the layout of the competition, Lanzhou University has deeply felt the importance attached to the competition.

2019 FIVB Women's Volleyball

He said that the Sichuan University team continued the “old lineup”, aiming to strengthen exchanges and learning through competitions, and hope that the women’s volleyball in Sichuan University can play normal levels and improve in the game.

It is reported that the high-level women’s volleyball team of Lanzhou University was established in 1987, and the training base is located in Kangxian County. In the past 30 years, the women’s volleyball team of Lanzhou University has won outstanding honors in the various competitions in and outside the province with the excellent tradition of dare to fight and the spirit of “hard work and never give up.”

The team has won the top eight of the “Xinghua Cup” National College Volleyball League for 12 consecutive years. In 2016, it won the third place in the National College Volleyball Championship. In the past three years, it has entered the National College Super League three times and won the top eight.

In 2017, the women’s team of the 13th People’s Republic of China Student Games won the sixth place, and the National College Student Volleyball League (Northern Division) in 2017-2018 entered the top four.

There are 18 active members of the 2019 FIVB women’s volleyball team, mainly from the School of Journalism and Communication, the School of Management, and the School of Economics. A total of 14 people participated in this competition. The lineup of the competition was based on the lineup of the National College Student Volleyball League Finals in April. The lineup features “old and new”. teamessexvolleyball.com

Beilun will continue to show its unique charm as the “first arena of Chinese volleyball”

From August 2nd to 4th, the Ningbo Olympic Women’s Volleyball Qualification Tournament Ningbo Beilun Station will be held at the Beilun Sports Center. The men’s volleyball competition will be held from August 9th to 11th. This event will be related to whether the teams can qualify for the first batch of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, so the teams are very important. Beilun will continue to show its unique charm as the “first arena of Chinese volleyball”.

Beilun will continue to show its unique charm as the “first arena of Chinese volleyball”

Chinese women’s volleyball in the qualifying group B, the same group of teams have Turkish women’s volleyball, German women’s volleyball and Czech women’s volleyball. In comparison, the Turkish women’s volleyball team and the German women’s volleyball team are stronger, and the Czech women’s volleyball team is relatively weak. From the point of view of the schedule, the Chinese women’s volleyball team’s three games were from simple to difficult, the first against the Czech women’s volleyball team, the second against the German women’s volleyball team, the third game against the Turkish women’s volleyball team.

In order to better prepare for the Olympic qualifying competition, Lang guidance and a number of key players did not travel to Nanjing to participate in the World Women’s Volleyball League Finals, but stayed in Beilun for training, polishing techniques and cooperation. At present, the team’s preparations for this competition have entered a critical moment.

Objectively speaking, the match between China and Turkey will be the focus of this competition. In the World Women’s Volleyball League Finals, the two teams played two games, each winning one. The Turkish women’s volleyball team also played the main role in the World Women’s Volleyball League Finals. It can be seen that the team is in good shape. The highest fare for this game is 600 yuan, and the lowest fare is 100 yuan.

It is reported that the e-ticket of this competition began to be sold today. The local organizing committee staff said: “The supply will be in short supply as soon as the sale begins.” The paper ticket will be sold on the 20th of this month. The minimum fare for some games is only $20.

Beilun will continue to show its unique charm as the “first arena of Chinese volleyball”

The Chinese men’s volleyball team is divided into the qualifying group F. The opponents of the same group are the Canadian men’s volleyball team, the Argentine men’s volleyball team and the Finnish men’s volleyball team The Canadian men’s volleyball team won the 2017 World Men’s Volleyball League season, and the Argentine men’s volleyball team was the fifth in the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. For the Chinese men’s volleyball team, it is not easy to break through.

Ningbo Beilun will hold two qualifying competitions. This is the re-affirmation of Beilun’s volleyball technique by the International Fellowship and the Chinese Association. Beilun will continue to show its unique charm as the “first arena of Chinese volleyball”.

Youth Volleyball Technique Training - Women's Volleyball is waiting for you to challenge!

In Beijing in July, the sun is shining, it is a good time for the students to release their youth and sweat.

In the 2019 youth volleyball summer camp, 30 elementary school students will be in close contact with the volleyball champion here, receive professional volleyball technique training, and enjoy the joy of volleyball.

Youth Volleyball Technique Training - Women's Volleyball is waiting for you to challenge!

In this issue, you will learn about the summer camp to enrich the summer life of the students and appreciate the fascination of volleyball.

On June 19th, the volleyball clubs brought volleyball to the campus and promoted the recruitment of volleyball summer camps while promoting volleyball.

Happy and constant, the volleyball summer camp highlights a lot!

In late July, 30 small campers will learn volleyball knowledge, practice volleyball skills at the Beijing Auto Glory Stadium, visit the volleyball national team training venue, go to the Chaoyang Park Ocean Beach Festival to experience the charm of beach volleyball, enjoy in colorful activities. Happy volleyball time.

At the summer camp, there will be volleyball stars in person to guide, the small campers can not only experience professional training, but also face-to-face communication with idols.

Youth Volleyball Technique Training - Women's Volleyball is waiting for you to challenge!

The small campers will experience the national team through the “Champion Road”. The mysterious retired players will come to the national team training base to tell the moving stories of the TAs, lead the children to understand the history of volleyball, and feel the glory days of Chinese volleyball.

The summer camp also set up a number of fun projects to help Beijing youth volleyball development, such as the beach volleyball confrontation at the “Beijing Ocean Beach Carnival”.

Most importantly, the small campers will challenge themselves and cultivate perseverance in the summer camp. The “team clearance” game session will train the team spirit and the enterprising spirit of each ball.

From basic technical exercises to team offensive and defensive training, small campers can learn volleyball knowledge in the summer camp and enjoy the fun of volleyball. Parents can also experience a dynamic and fun parent-child time at Ocean Beach Festival.

The volleyball summer camp will enrich the summer life of primary school students and promote the enthusiasm of young people to participate in volleyball activities. Actively promote youth volleyball, deepen the soil for the development of volleyball, and inherit the volleyball spirit, here to see the future.

An important condition for becoming a strong team in the indoor volleyball world!

Since the 1st World Men’s Volleyball Championships held in 1949, the international volleyball has developed considerably. Especially after the 1964 Olympic Games included volleyball in the official competition project, countries generally attached great importance to it, and its technological and tactical development has entered a new stage.

In the 1950s, the volleyball performances of the Soviet Union and some countries in Eastern Europe have been at the forefront. In the 1960s, the Japanese women’s volleyball team jumped to win the world championship.

An important condition for becoming a strong team in the indoor volleyball world!

In the 1970s, Asian teams such as Japan, China, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, and South Korea were known for their fast-changing play. The Cuban team, which is known for jumping in Latin America, and the faster-growing American women’s volleyball team also caused people’s Attention.

At the beginning of 1980, the world women’s volleyball team showed the confrontation between the top five Chinese, Japanese, Soviet, ancient and American. From the situation of the men’s volleyball team, the tall and powerful Soviet team is still in a leading position. Bulgaria, Romania, Cuba, China, Poland, Brazil, Czechoslovakia, Italy and South Korea also rushed to improve technology.

In today’s platoon, Brazil, China, the United States, the Netherlands, Cuba, Russia, Japan, Italy, Germany, Poland and other teams compete, and Thailand, Dominica, Puerto Rico and other teams have made rapid progress. The characteristics and development trends of volleyball technology and tactics in the contemporary world are:

First, the technology is comprehensive and specialized;

Although there are no more new technologies in the current serve, the teams are competing to use long-distance long-range floating balls, “high hanging balls” and some new teeing methods and strategies in an effort to seek to destroy the opponent’s pad and destroy their fast-break tactics. composition.

In terms of one pass, due to the increase in training time and proportion, and the improvement of the pad technology, the error rate has been greatly reduced, and the occupancy rate has increased significantly. In the future, it is necessary to adapt to various forms of serve in order to create conditions for the formation of fast breaks. In terms of smashing, the first is to break the limit of running and jumping in a certain direction and in a certain direction, and adopt various kinds of stepping and changing directions to adapt to various on-the-spot situations;

The second is to break the restriction of the special division of labor, requiring both hands to fasten the ball and fight the strong attack;

The third is to break the restriction of positioning and smashing, and demand to achieve attack in active running;

The fourth is to break the limit of 3 points of attack and develop into a front-end live attack and a deep attack in the back. In the aspect of blocking the net, when dealing with the strong attack, the technique of fully extending the shoulder and extending the arm after the high jump of the running swing arm is adopted, and the continuous jumping technique is adopted in dealing with the fast attack; when dealing with the transposition attack, not only the man-marking person and the person staring area are adopted. Blocks, sometimes using new overlapping blocks;

When dealing with personal tactical smashing, emphasize the ability to improve the independent combat capability of the single block. Sometimes, use the shift of the hand in the air to block the smashing of the line, and use the back of the hand to block the net, trying to block the ball and organize a quick counterattack. In the rear defensive aspect, emphasis is placed on mastering a variety of defensive techniques and constantly developing new technologies, such as the development of shoulder rollover into a horizontal rolling defensive technique and various blocking techniques.

An important condition for becoming a strong team in the indoor volleyball world!

Second, high-altitude, rapid change, mutual promotion;

The tactical style of the world’s platoons has formed Asia that has become more and more subjectively over the years;

There are two main different styles of Chinese volleyball type and European type with high attack and strong attack. With the strengthening of international exchanges and the development of technology and tactics, the two styles continue to complement each other and use each other to gradually narrow the differences between them, tending to match each other and use them together.

Some teams also learn new styles based on their own specific conditions and inherit their original strengths to form their own unique style. Under the premise of inheriting the rapid development of the game, the Asian team strives to improve the ability to break through. The European team is actively learning the fast break while constantly improving the level of attack.

From the development trend of volleyball technology, it is difficult to defeat powerful opponents simply relying on height and strength, or simply relying on quickness and skill. China’s strong teams are starting from their own conditions, drawing on the strengths of each country, insisting on combining height with speed, strength and rapid change, and developing their own unique style of play.

The height of bounce is growing, and the contradiction is more prominent. With the revision of rules and the development of technology, the high factor has become an important condition for the current world’s strong teams.

What is volleyball? Six-person indoor volleyball rules and competition methods

Volleyball is one of the ball sports. The stadium is rectangular, with high nets in between. The two sides of the game (six people per party) each occupy one side of the course. The players use the ball to hit the ball from the Internet. The ball used in volleyball is made of sheepskin or artificial leather. The rubber is bold and the size is similar to football.

What is volleyball? Six-person indoor volleyball rules and competition methods

Volleyball originated in the United States, and was invented in 1895 by a sports staff named William G. Morgan in Massachusetts, Massachusetts (formerly known as Massachusetts). In the early days, volleyball was called Mintonette. In 1896, according to the characteristics of the game, Professor Holstad proposed to change to Volleyball, the modern international name Volleyball. At that time, the official ball circumference was 25 to 27 inches (about 63.5 to 68.8 cm) and the weight was 9 to 12 ounces (about 255 to 346 grams). The materials and production techniques of the ball used in modern international competition have changed a lot, but the specifications of the ball are similar to the previous ones.

At that time, tennis and basketball were very popular. Mr. Morgan believes that basketball is too intense, and the amount of tennis is too small. He wants to find an indoor entertainment project with moderate amount of exercise and fun, suitable for both men and women, and wants to move the tennis that has been widely popular at that time. Go indoors and play with your hand on the basketball court. At the beginning of this game, he hangs the tennis net on the basketball court and uses the basketball net to play like a tennis ball. However, the indoor basketball court is small in size and the volleyball is easy to go out of bounds, so he made some improvements:

First, the rule that the tennis ball is allowed to land and then hit back is changed to not allow landing;

Second, the volleyball is changed in shape, its circumference is changed to 25-27 inches, and the weight is 225-340 grams.

Three,basketballs are too big and too heavy to play in the expected way, so they will try to use basketball. The basketball biliary is too light and erratic in the air. It is inconvenient to play and difficult to control. However, because of the good trial results, I decided to use this ball. Although the international standard ball has undergone thousands of improvements over the past 100 years, the size of the ball is almost the same as that of the first generation….

At that time, it stipulated the use of “rotation system” and “15 points per game”. In 1918, the number of people who played was six. Since then, six people have become popular in Europe and the United States.

The Springfield Academy is the birthplace of volleyball. The youth club of the school is the first organization to spread volleyball and the first volleyball exhibition. The officers of the YMCA, the missionaries, the students who graduated from Springfield College, and the American army who participated in the First World War became the early communicators of volleyball. Volleyball was first introduced to Canada in 1900. In the same year, India was introduced to Asia.

In 1914-1918, during the First World War, indoor volleyball was brought to Europe through the US military. As for when and where indoor volleyball is introduced to China by anyone, it has not been verified. However, the existing historical data prove that as early as 1905, volleyball activities were carried out in Guangzhou, Hong Kong and other places in China. In the early days of the introduction of volleyball into China, in addition to the development and dissemination of some churches and schools, the YMCA also played a considerable role in promoting and disseminating this project.

Indoor volleyball was introduced to Asia in 1900, and the number of people who played in the initial stage was not six but 16 people. According to the American volleyball volleyball introducer, Mr. F. S. Brown said: “At that time, there was a gymnasium in the United States, which was more suitable for 6-a-side volleyball. There are many Asians and many outdoor activities. It is necessary to consider that most people can participate in volleyball.” Mr. F. S. Blanc and Mr. F. H. Lang introduced 16-a-side volleyball to the Philippines and Japan.

Therefore, the 16th system was adopted at the first Far East Games in 1913. In 1919, the 4th Far East Games evolved into a 12-person system. In 1927, the 8th Far East Games evolved into a 9-person system. In July 1950, the National Sports Workers held at the All-China Sports Federation.

At the summer study meeting, the 6-person volleyball rules and competition method were introduced for the first time. In 1951, the 6-person system was officially adopted. Since then, the six-a-side volleyball has been gradually carried out throughout the country.