Winning ways continue for Trinity!

20th October 2013

Going into the match Trinity knew that South Hants were going to be tough opposition, as South Hants played in Division 1 last season. Coach Laybourne made no hesitation about what she wanted from Trinity, play hard and win!

The 1st set did not go according to the game plan and Trinity found themselves a fair few points adrift after a string of errors and not being able to formulate a decent attack. Somehow though, they quickly got it together and clawed back the points to bring themselves only 1 point behind, they had gained the momentum and were creating attacks that Hants just couldn’t defend. Hants didn’t go away though and hung on to their lead to take the 1st set.

After the hard fought come back in the 1st set, Trinity were keen to take this momentum and use it to start the 2nd set with attack and force, this they did. The passing became better from the defence, which meant Greene was able to utilise more options for the attack. Putting Hants under pressure, forcing them to make their own errors, meant Trinity were able continue to with their dominant force and draw the match level at 1 set all.

The 3rd set was much like the 2nd to start however Hants upped their game and kept putting pressure on Trinity. Even though Trinity had carved a lead at the start Hants clawed it back and gave the end of the set a nail biting finish. Who was to take it? Trinity dug deep and found their rhythm once more and just edged the last few points, taking the 3rd set.

Could Trinity hold on to their 2 sets to 1 lead and win the match in this 4th set or were Hants going to push hard and take it to decider? In the end it was down to the team who held their composure the better and had a bit of luck on their side, Trinity. Trinity just had that edge and even when Hants applied the pressure, Trinity were able to suck it up and bounce back with an attack every time. Trinity surged ahead at the end and took the 4th set in commanding style. Let’s not take anything away from Hants, they were tough opposition and all credit to them for not giving up. They are sure to give Trinity an ever tougher match in the away counter.

Congratulations to Trinity on another superb win and on to the next, Saturday 26th October 1.45pm at home to Dulwich Tuskers.

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