LOTR Tale of Victory

In a hole in Essex there lived a team of Hobbits. It was know as the shire of Chelmer’s ford. Little did they know they would be going to battle so close to their home… it would be know as the battle of Saint Jondor!

Sean the ranger from the north and Bk the white wizard joined the Hobbit’s fellowship to take on a the Orcs of Mordor’s black county. The battle commenced with a strong start in the passing unit, allowing for swings at the armour of the Orcs. There were penetrating blows leading from Toby and Kieran in the front-line. However, the orcs fought back! The beacons were lit and reinforcements from the corner of Gondor stepped up to the plate and Chester delivered exactly what was needed. The set grew closer to a conclusion; nevertheless, the strength and bravery of the hobbits shone through. The hobbits took the set 25-21 with some wise hitting… Bk he white must have thought them well.

Going into the second set the hobbits started to relax and enjoy taking down the orcs. The pass stayed strong and allowed Cameron to set up some head-shots by Dan and Toby. Consistency was crucial and Mikey and James continued to keep the Orcs on the back foot and retreating to the fires of mount doom. When the orcs tired to attack the Dwarf of Defence that is Mahlon King was too resistant. The Hobbits could smell victory! Set two 25-14!

The end was neigh. However, Sauron appeared in the stands! Despite this the Hobbits did not fear him and continued to control the strategy and dynamics of the battle. The Orcs fought back and occasionally broke through the two towers of the block. Nevertheless, the Hobbits fought back killer sword tips from James were imperative at crucial times. Once a again the horn of Gondor was ringing out and Stu the brave came on to deliver some killer blows. Wing hitters were peppering the Orcs with body shots and took the Hobbits to a good position. However, the Orcs wanted to take the battle to dawn! The Hobbits regained composure and Toby and Dan beheaded some Orcs and the battle was won! Final set score 25-20! 3-0 to the hobbits!

The end.

Daniel Northfield

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