Spectator Management

Spectators are welcomed but uncontrolled numbers and behavior of spectators could lead to an increased risk of safety and damage to the hall.

This document sets out the club’s policy to managing spectators.

a.)    Spectators are welcome provided they adhere to this policy

b.)    Any spectator non-compliance should be corrected as soon as possible by a committee member or senior member of the club. Ultimately, refusal to comply will mean being ejected from the hall.

c.)     Any incidents should be recorded by a Committee member or senior member of the club on an Incident Form

d.)    Spectators should always respect the fabric of the Sports Hall including wearing soft non marking footwear within the hall

e.)    Spectators and guests attending are to be “known” e.g. only to be connected to teams or specifically invited by them. As such, they should be compliant in complying with this policy.

f.)     Only standard single benches along the wall opposite to the player benches to be used for spectator seating (the “Spectator Wall”).

g.)    The number of spectators allowed will governed by the ability for them to watch the match in single file from the Spectator Wall

h.)    No external chairs to be used in the hall unless these have been approved by the school first. A wheelchair is deemed to be acceptable but should be positioned within the 3 metre lines to minimise player or ball contact

i.)      Horns, drums and other instruments are allowed by spectators to support this team provided they do not detract from the match experience or cause a safety issue. A committee member or senior member of the club can use their discretion to stop any unwanted activity

j.)      Spectators should not bring the following into the hall

  1. Large bags
  2. Pushchairs or prams
  3. Babies

k.)    Young children must be supervised

l.)      Photography is allowed within club policy but no flash photography is allowed during formal warm up or play.-Any club committee member or senior member of the club is authorised to stop unwanted photography at their discretion.

m.)  A static camera may be set up at the hall ends in line with the side lines to record play but the stand must be relatively lightweight and able to move easily if hit by a player.