The Committee of Team Essex Volleyball Club (‘TEVC’) recognises that all employees, volunteers, players and supporters are entitled to be treated with dignity and respect and not be subjected to any form of offensive, humiliating or intimidating behaviour.  Failure to comply with this legal standard will not only damage TEVC’s image and reputation, but may also result in court action being taken by the person.

As part of its overall approach to the fair treatment of employees, volunteers, players and supporters, TEVC is committed to ensuring that it meets its responsibilities and obligations under the Equality Act 2010 (‘The Act’). The Act replaces previous disability discrimination legislation, and widens its scope to incorporate a list of 9 Protected Characteristics:

  1. Age;
  2. Disability;
  3. Gender Reassignment;
  4. Marriage and Civil Partnership;
  5. Pregnancy and Maternity;
  6. Race;
  7. Religion and Belief;
  8. Sex;
  9. Sexual Orientation.

To this end:

  •  TEVC will ensure that its public areas, products and services are made reasonably accessible to employees, volunteers, players and members of the public.
  • Sports Arena design, wherever reasonable, will allow physical access by those with disabilities to both the premises and service facilities and, where appropriate, adjustments which can be made at reasonable cost will be carried out to aid access.
  • Recruitment practices will ignore disabilities and other Protected Characteristics when considering suitability for appointment, and, where appropriate, adjustments which can be made at reasonable cost will be made to the working environment to allow effective performance in the workplace.
  •  the design and delivery of communications to TEVC employees, volunteers and players will take account of the needs of those with disabilities.
  •  all employees will be provided with sufficient information, instruction and training to enable positive implementation of this policy and avoidance of any embarrassment or offence to any disabled employee, volunteer, player or member of the public.