200 Club Rules


  1.  The “200 Club” is defined as a Private Society Lottery under the Gambling Act 2005
  2. The Promoter of the lottery is Paul French, Treasurer, Team Essex Volleyball Club c/o 2 Springfield Place, Chelmsford Essex CM1 7ZA
  3. The 200 club can only be promoted to club members, parents, guests and supporters attending the club’s main venues/events including Boswells Academy, Burnham Road, Chelmsford and 2 Springfield Place, Chelmsford, Essex.
  4. Surpluses from the 200 Club must be used to support Team Essex Volleyball Club
  5. All ticket funds will be held in the TEVC bank account. After all annual prize money and known costs have been reserved  TEVC is free to use the projected surplus to support the club’s activities
  6. Any personal information held by the Promoter will treated as confidential though the sharing of participant name or email information with Random.Org will be necessary to make the independent draw protocol effective
  7. The performance and running of the 200 Club is to be reviewed at least annually by the committee of TEVC
  8. Any relevant license(s) must be obtained and maintained

How the 200 Club works

  1. The 200 Club will launch on 22nd May 2014. Tickets will continue to be available while “live” ticket numbers remain less than 200
  2. Each ticket will cost £12 for the year and entitle the owner (the Participant) to participate in 4 draws
  3. The 4 draws will be held as follows
    1. 1st week of October 2014
    2. 1st week of January 2015
    3. 1st week of April 2015
    4. 1st week of July 2015
  4. Participants may pay cash, cheque to the Promoter or by direct bank transfer to the TEVC bank account
  5. Ticket registration and payment must be completed before the end of the month preceding the draw to be included in that draw
  6. TEVC cannot be held responsible for any potential loss of prize money however caused

15  Each draw will be held using the Random.Org Draw Service which ensures independence of the draw and also provides members access to check whether their ticket was entered

16  The Promoter reserves the right to withdraw from the Random.Org Service Draw if ticket sales are less than 100 (the cost of each draw is $4.95)

17  In the event that Random.Org Service Draw is not used the Promoter will either use an online random number generator or arrange for a random draw to be performed by a TEVC member at a TEVC event, match or training session at the Promoters sole discretion.

18  Winners are to be listed on the TEVC website and, if used, accessible by participants only on the Random.Org site.

How the Prize money is calculated

19  There will be three prizes awarded at each draw.

  1. 1st Prize being the lower of 25% of the Available Pot or £150
  2. 2nd Prize being the lower of 10% of the Available Pot or £60
  3. 3rd Prize being the lower of 5% of the Available Pot or £30

20  The Available Pot for each quarterly draw is calculated from the number of people participating times £1, times 3. So for example if 150 tickets are participating in a draw the Available Pot would be £450 (150 x £1 x 3).  In this instance, 1st prize would be £112.50 (25% of £450), 2nd Prize £45 (10% of £450) and 3rd Prize £22.50 (5% of £450).

21  The maximum prize money available is when the 200 Club has 200 Participants.

22  The number of people participating in the draw will be determined as at the last day of the previous month before the draw.

How the Prize Money is paid out

23  Once the draw is made, immediate arrangements to pay prize money according to Participant nominated wishes will be undertaken. A spreadsheet showing participants wishes will be maintained by the Promoter and shall remain confidential.

24  Prize money may be paid out either by

  1. cheque posted directly to the Participants address or to a bank account.
  2. direct bank transfer. Participants stating a preference for direct bank transfer will be invited to share relevant bank details.

Management of ticket sales

25  Ticket sales are to be promoted using the approved 200 Club brochure only.

26  The 200 club is open at all times but Participants can only be included in the draw if they have paid for their ticket by the end of month preceding the draw.

27  There is no physical ticket or receipt issued to participants.

Paul French

Promoter of the TEV 200 Club

12th April 2014